innovation project: teen voices.


This is my Innovation Project for English class, a blog titled ‘Teen Voices,’ which I’m working on with David and Heather from Theriault period 3. The core of the Innovation Projects are to fill a need – not necessarily something like, say, finding a fix to world hunger or anything; the need could be as simple as making people smile. I think that our project really fulfills this universal ‘need’ of connecting with a story and not feeling isolated by one’s problems.

The gist of our project is that it’s a blog that’s going to feature stories of teens’ lives – stories about their problems and hardships, featuring topics that seem to be what many teens suffer together, such as depression, body fears, social anxiety, etc. The teenage years are some of the most difficult years in one’s life, characterized by the lowest self-esteem throughout a lifespan, and while we obviously won’t be able to completely turn this very problematic fact around on its head, our aim is to help alleviate it, even if just a little, by letting teens – however many we can reach – that whatever they’re going through, they aren’t alone in their struggles and fears.

You can find the site here –