“what did you do over winter break?”

In English the other day, we were given an assignment to write a funny story about our winter breaks, and why they were funny. Now, I thought I was the only one to have nothing exciting to say, but judging by the chorus of groans and “ugh”s i heard, I wasn’t alone. 
As I was writing, I got to thinking. (And Lord knows, that’s dangerous.) yeah, maybe by conventional standards I “wasted” my break. Maybe I didn’t travel or do new things or fill my social calendar with exciting parties and events. But frankly, it’s unrealistic to expect such things. 
I “wasted” my break. I spent far too much time on the Internet, or with my nose stuck in a book, or whatever. But I got lots of sleep, I didn’t have to stress about school and grades (ahem), and my brain got a break. Traveling and partying would have been fun, sure, but I think that a break with none of that is still a fulfilling break. 
In conclusion, it’s called a “break” for a reason – as in a brief couple of days to take off from the crushing pressure that is school and academic life. Not a “go out and learn life lessons and return completely worldly / spiritual adventure,” or whatever. Yeah, that’s great too, if you’re into that. And if not, that’s fine too. 
I hate to be pretentious and nostalgic, but I feel like this rather succinct John Lennon (okay, we’re not avoiding the pretension with that, but just go with it) quote summarizes all of this babble –
“Time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted.”

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