being recalled to life?


In the first book of ‘A Tale of Two Cities,’ there is this highly speculated, reoccurring theme/phrase of being ‘recalled to life.’ As we learn later on in the book, being ‘recalled to life’ is something of an extended metaphor that applies to Mr. Lorry and Lucie Manette’s freeing of Dr. Manette (Lucie’s estranged father) from a life of solitude after years of separation and some traumatizing jail time on Dr. Manette’s part.

Anyhow, it got me thinking – especially as throughout the first book, Lorry is contemplating the possible results and outcomes of his ‘recalling’ Manette to life. He thinks up potential conversations with Manette, asking him how long he had been ‘buried alive’ (hence the extended metaphor, what with being ‘recalled to life’), if he wanted to see ‘her’ (Lucie), et cetera. There’s this part that really got to me; the fact that Lorry isn’t sure – both before and even after he actually goes through with recalling Manette to life – that freeing Manette is even a good idea; if Manette evenĀ wants to be recalled.

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