a little creativity here and there…


In English class, we have a couple minutes on Mondays and Wednesdays designated for “brain fuel,” which is essentially reading anything – news articles, blog posts, magazines, books, whatever – that help us, well, fuel our brains and help us get our minds working to be innovative and creative. My favorite blog to peruse during brain fuel sessions is How About Orange, a blog that features interior design, collages, DIY tutorials, etc. I love seeing all the new things the blog author is up to and what creative projects she has been taking on. A particular favorite post of mine is this one on making geometric art with simple square / rectangular / triangular stamps, as shown in the image above. In the post, the author cites using a particular brand of stamps, but as the shapes are pretty basic, I’m sure similarly shaped stamps can be found at any crafts store like Michael’s.

I also love this tutorial on how to make a paper bow. It’s a little cutting-heavy and as a general rule I’m not a steady cutter, so I’m unsure as to how well I would do if I took on this project, but it seems fun and fairly easy. To be quite frank, I can barely draw a straight line, let alone paint or anything visual arts-related, but it’s always entertaining to see all the cool, creative things other people come up with, especially with few resources.


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