be positive … or don’t.


Today, I had a mock trial meeting, where, predictably, we did mock trial things. If you don’t know what mock trial is, in basic terms, we’re a team and we’re given a case by CRF (Constitutional Rights Foundation) which we argue both sides for. Half the team argues for prosecution while the other half represents defense, and everyone gets a role – ie: pre-trial attorney, defendant, bailiff, etc. Today was a fairly monumental day, I suppose, because we were all assigned our roles for the case. I get to be Dr. Casey Burke, a forensic pathologist for defense, and I get to act intelligent and use big words like ‘hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.’ (Which I already do, but still.)

Needless to say, not everyone was as satisfied as I was with their roles.

For privacy’s sake, I won’t go into detail, but a friend of mine expressed disappointment in her role. All the while as this friend of mine was ranting to me, I remember them continuously apologizing for ‘ranting’ and ‘going on and on,’ and I remember continuously replying that it was absolutely okay.

Anyway, I got around to thinking – why do people do that? Why do people feel the need to bottle up frustration or anger or sadness, or feel embarrassed or even guilty when they’re letting out these emotions? Every day, people are bombarded with so-called ‘uplifting’ messages of ‘be positive!’ and ‘don’t cry over spilled milk!’ on pretty graphics and posters with appropriately ‘positive’ images or colors. In truth, all this is is a big glaring sign that reads ‘SUCK IT UP.’

Basically what I’m trying to say is, it’s okay to get things off your chest. It’s okay to complain about your homework load or cry when you break something. Because – (and this may come as a shock) – a part of living life is to go through troubles. It’s okay to react to them, because those reactions? They identify you as an actual human being. So never, ever, ever let someone else tell you what your problems are and aren’t, because only you can do that. Only you are actually living your life and dealing with your hardships.

Of course, should you let your problems cripple you emotionally? Absolutely not. The only way to get past something is to keep moving – but that doesn’t mean that you need to bury said problems deep down inside you. You deal with your problems in whatever way is healthiest and best for you. If that means bawling your eyes out, go for it. (Just be sure to invest in some good quality tissues.) If that means hitting a wall, it’s your choice. (Although I wouldn’t recommend it. Emergency room bills are pricey.)  And yes, even if that means being positive and shoving all your issues away and trying to think happy thoughts, that’s all up to you.

In conclusion, do what’s best for you!! Don’t feel obligated to bottle things up just because people tell you not to cry over spilled milk or that children in Africa are starving!! You, as a human being, have the right to not be satisfied with parts of your life sometimes!!! If you want to be all sunshine and rainbows, be my guest, but if not, that’s perfectly fine too. Do what you want and what’s good for you because that’s what matters – you.

Until next time,


(P.S. Huge disclaimer here – if your way of venting is abusive of yourself or others in any way (physical, mental, sexual, emotional, whatever) that’s not okay!!! Please seek help if you’re doing any of the above.)

(P.P.S. Inspired in part by this post I saw on the dashboard. I took a lot of creative liberties from the provided prompt, but without the initial push I would have never gotten around to writing all this.)


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